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Herberg Hotel ‘t Mirakel
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Herberg Hotel 's Miracle is on the outskirts of Peel , an area around Deurne Griend Veen: the land of Show Kortooms , author of the famous regional novel Beekman and Beekman. In Deurne find the Museum De Wieger and around Griend Veen you can cycle along the Vaartjes.


In the city of Helmond , the fun shopping and cafes to the harbor square enough to quench your thirst. You can also visit the Municipal Museum in the old castle or an evening out to the cinema , the cinema or theater .


In Gemert is an old castle from the knights, and there is also the Farmers' Museum where you can see and experience how the Brabant once lived, worked and lived. 


Go to Veghel , you will find there the most beautiful bookshop in the Netherlands: on Main Street stands there Bookstore Bek . For a night out, visitThe Blue Boulder Theater . 


Uden has a nice shopping center with a delicious fish shop: The Visscherie .On the market are several pleasant cafes and a cinema and theater Markant .For nature can also Uden, the Bedard Mountains, Slabroek and Maashorst are beautiful natural areas for relaxing, walking, cycling or picnicking. 

Eindhoven and Den Bosch

The cities of Eindhoven and Den Bosch are both around 25 minutes drive from Boerdonk. In both cities you can find a wide variety of arts, culture, shopping and entertainment. 
Eindhoven has a modern look with its contemporary city and museums, such as the Van Abbe Museum, where modern and contemporary art is exhibited. 
Den Bosch has a historic city with of course the impressive St John's Cathedralafter one year long now fully restored from the scaffolding. 

Closer Inn Hotel 's Miracle in the municipality of Veghel , are the Hurks forests . Near the inn begin their walks through this beautiful forest. Also there is a handicapped accessible and easily reachable path constructed and a special parking nearby. 

By bike you can convert Boerdonk start on the national cycling network, or for example a visit to the chapel Esdonk nail . This field chapel at the end of 1500 is surrounded by meadows and was the setting for the recording of a music clip of the hostess with her â??â??musicians for her DVD "Gerre in Herre". 

If you go hiking or biking , you can of course ask the hostess for some sandwiches and drinks to lubricate to pack for the trip. 

These are just some opportunities that the region offers, for more information, please visit the links page, where we mention several tourist sites.

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