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Herberg Hotel ‘t Mirakel
+31 492 465046
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It was a Miracle as landlord and landlady January Ger Coppens and the old building and birthplace of Ger had in their possession. After a long and arduous journey of over 12 years they could start the entire demolition and construction of the inn. 2 Year built and dragged in January with the help of many hands, eventually dropping a building what already seems to be 200 years.
On June 4, 2006 and opened in January Ger, under the supervision of several hundred interested parties, their inn Hotel 's Miracle in Boerdonk.

Meanwhile, in January still works in his electrical installation company, something in the future he will certainly continue to do so. His passion for old English motorcycles now on the backburner for a while. The Matchless, Norton, AJS must, by the busy work in the company, wait for calmer times.

Ger is still busy writing songs, listening to the Brabants dialect, if possible, she performs with her â??â??Apostles still outside the door. In 2011, she has for her 30th anniversary with a double live CD released DVD. In the future Apostles with her â??â??into the studio to listen to a CD full of new songs to record.

Mirakel Kapelstraat 1 Boerdonk (Veghel) Tel: +31 492 465046 info@herbergmirakel.nl