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Herberg Hotel ‘t Mirakel
+31 492 465046
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Ger mi Coppens heur apostles

The landlady of the inn Hotel 's Miracle is also a writer and performer of her own songs.
She was in the past four disks, and in February 2011 there was a double live CD of her best songs about 30 years. These two CDs are packed with a 1 ?½ hour DVD in a nice box with a color photo book.
Together with her musicians Ger Coppens occurs in winter once a month in her own inn.
Rehearsals are always at the table in the inn. This goes some rehearsals Westmalle, Leffe and La Chouffe through it, but that's for fun and inspiration. If the musicians have worked hard, then after the frying pan or cooking stove still on.
Ger mi Coppola gives heur Apostles still shows in other locations. People who love the song, the music listening Brabant website Ger Coppens visits.

Mirakel Kapelstraat 1 Boerdonk (Veghel) Tel: +31 492 465046 info@herbergmirakel.nl